Jouer Cosmetics: Blush Bouquet Review

I haven’t tried many items from Jouer, but when I saw the promo photos for their new blush duos, I knew I needed to try them out! The duos came in 3 colour-ways and I picked up the Jouer Blush Bouquet in Coquette ($30 USD) from Beautylish.

First, let’s talk about this packaging. Wow… it’s so feminine and elegant and classy and all the adjective you can think of for girly. The blush duo is encased in a weighted hard plastic silver compact with a blush pink top. The design on top is a light gold floral pattern. I was worried that the top was made of the rubbery plastic that leaves indents, thankfully it is made of solid plastic. The case does grab onto finger prints easily, so if that’s something that bothers you, you have been warned! The compact comes with a decent size mirror, making it convenient for travelling.

(L-R) Tease Me, Seduce Me

The blushes inside of Coquette is just as beautiful as the outside. Inside there are 2 colours: Seduce Me (a deep berry rose matte) and Tease Me (a pale pink satin). Both colours are cool-toned, pigmented and blended with ease. I highly recommend using a very light hand with Seduce Me as it is highly pigmented and can be easy to over apply.

(T-B) Tease Me, Seduce Me

Though this palette is beautiful, I mean, look at the packaging, it is dustier than I want. I feel like a good amount of the product is wasted from how dusty it is, plus Seduce Me is very pigmented and can easily be over-applied. I don’t foresee this blush staying in my collection as I’m just too particular about my blush. I’ve had very little luck with Jouer. I find their matte lipsticks to be very uncomfortable, and their highlighters look much better on those with a medium-dark skintone.

Do you have any favourite products from Jouer?

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