Rio Hotel & Casino Review

My hubby and I have an almost unhealthy love for Las Vegas… we have been there 5 times, one of which was to get married. I thought you all might enjoy a little hotel review series of 4 of the 5 hotels that we have stayed at. I won’t be reviewing the Monte Carlo, as we stayed there quite a few years ago and wouldn’t be able to give a solid review.

First up is the Rio! We stayed here in October of 2016 for 4 nights.

During our trip, we stayed at The Rio Hotel & Casino which is located just off of the Strip, behind Caesar’s Palace. We really enjoyed our stay here because the rooms were large and the cost to upgrade to a strip-view room was about $20.00 ( CAD) more for the whole trip. Below are the pros and cons that we feel will help you in deciding if you’d like to stay here.


  • Large Rooms (roughly 500-600 sqft)
  • Beautiful views of the Strip
  • Affordable
  • Large pool area with a sandy beach portion and palm trees
  • Fun activities available – at a cost
    • V-Rocks Burlesque Show
    • Chippendales
    • Penn & Teller Magic Show
    • Ziplining
  • Free shuttles to the Strip
    • There are 2 shuttles that run every 30 minutes. One shuttle goes to Harrah’s (beside the Venetian Hotel) and the other goes to Bally’s (beside the Paris Hotel)
  • Easy to navigate through the hotel and casino due to its relatively smaller size


  • Lack of good restaurants (both in value and quality)
  • Located off the Strip so it requires shuttles or taking a cab
  • Older Hotel
  • Lack of shopping – there was only 1 store to purchase from (alcohol, basic necessities, snacks)
  • Room service menu was lacking and over-priced

All in all, it is a good hotel to stay at if you are on a budget and don’t mind the distance from the Strip.



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