Weekend Roundup January 19-21, 2018

Happy Monday Everyone!

My weekend ended up being quiet but quite productive.

After work on Friday, I made a quick trip down to my P.O. Box to pick up some exciting goodies that I ordered from Chanel (post will be up on Wednesday)!

It was a pretty rough week, so dinner was a few frozen pizza’s while watching a marathon of Mock-The-Week.

I also finished my book on Friday night, hope to have a review of the in the next few weeks.

On Saturday, my husband went into work to catch up on things and I did lots of housework.

Endless loads of laundry are always fun to do!

Dinner was Pad Thai from our favourite Thai place, and the evening ended with more reading.

Sunday managed to just disappear from me!

I did some naughty shopping at Winners and purchased a rose gold Guess bag, and finally picked up a slider chair for my makeup desk.

I’ve been using a very crappy ottoman for the last few years and finally settled on a chair that I love!

Sunday night was blogging night this weekend! Also made homemade Chicken Tortellini Alfredo which was scrumptious.


How did your weekend go?

Did you get up to anything exciting?

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